Monday, 1 May 2017

Naxlism A serious challenge

 The matrydom of our 25 C.R.P.F soldiers has shacked us very badly. The audacious attack of naxalitie’s in the Sukma district of the Chattissgarh state.

Since last few decades, almost every year such big attacks are happening on the Police or on the C.R.P.F. sometimes they attacks on the peoples who are engaged with the construction work..

Sometimes they kills the people in the charge of being the informer of the police..
Naxalism in the country was started in Naxalbadi of Bengal in 60’s..

Initially the Naxalism was carried with the argument that the poor and the deprived sections of extremely backward areas especially the tribal society are being deprived of their rights by the so called feudal rule..
The people who persue the thinking of Naxalism refused to accept the Indian Constitution ..

Naxalities who was thinking to achieving everything on the strength of guns. Started provoking the innocent villagers to increase their power..

Due to the conceptual support of the special class and with the help of modern weapons they have increased their power very much and now they are capable to the fighting talks with the security forces..

The roots of Naxalism are very deep in those areas where the development has not reached or it’s speed is very slow..

Naxalism has been become the biggest threat for our internal security.. Naxalism can be broken by the development of those Naxalism affected areas..

In sukma they targeted the troops which was deployed in the security of newly constructed road..

The road which was constructed ,, was the road connecting of the two highways and by the formation of it. the speed of development in the nearby areas would be faster..
Roads are the carrier of the development .. Naxalist are afraid that if the pace of the development will increase , then their survival hold will also be end..

At one time the Naxalists organizations kept their hideouts in the more than dozen of states of the country dominated by the tribals …
All such places have been abolished by the development and the  strictness of the security some places of Chattissgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand including Orissa,, Naxalists still have it’s roots..
Bastar area of Chattisshgarh is his strongest stronghold..
Although there is a stable government in Chattisshgarh for 13 years. But they have failed to control the Naxalists,
This is the failure of Raman government that the Naxalities has become the synonymous with terror..

It is not ,, that where the Naxalities are active,,are very inaccessible where can’t be reached.

If the activists of the political parties may want ,, then they can go there to persuade them and bring them back in the main stream..

Either they don’t want to do it or they are met with naxalities..

Regarding the employees of many departments,,, it is believed that due to insecurity, they consider it good to join the hands with the Naxalists..

This is probably the reason that the Naxalities are able to survive such incidents which are going to discourage the security forces..

Whenever this is such a case .. the policies of the central and the state government are being questioned.

After every major incidents of Naxalists ,,the only thing that can be heared is that ,,the security forces did not have the enough resources..
The terrain is very inaccessible and there is lack  of policy at government level and intelligence is not correct,, it is also said that after the conviction of Naxalist’s,, their punishment is not so harsh to prevent other people from going in the Naxalism stream..

The question is why so many problems can not be solved till now??
There should be no easing at the level of governance in the facing of the big problem,, Naxalism..

After the latest incident of shukma, it is also being heared,, that due to the long deployment in the remote areas. the security forces are exhausted ..  it is also heared, that the  deployment in the Naxal affected areas is even more dangerous than the Kashmir valley..

The C.R.P.F should consider that due to the long deployment and the exhaustion.. the soldiers have to face difficulty in being vigilant in the Naxal affected areas..

It also should be seen. that the security forces may not have the lack of modern weapons and the resources should be available in the adequate quantity..

It is the matter of great concern ,, that the Naxalite inspired by the mao’s violent ideology are finally succedding in the collection of modern weapons and the other type of resources in the heart of our country…

Why is the security forces are unable to reach those peoples , who are providing every type of assistance to the Naxalitie’s..

It the bottom of the dire need of these weapons from abroad coming or country from the same..

A time of being said that there is need to make police force more capable so they could be more capable in helping of C.R.P.F soldiers .. it is still not able to be..

In many states including chattissgarh many police posts are empty.. in these states the police intelligence system is also very weak..

Because the C.R.P.F soldiers do come from the other states  that’s why ,, they does unrecognized by the geographical conditions and they also don’t know about the social environment of the Naxalite areas so there is a need of capable police force with the C.R.P.F..

Don’t know why this need is not fulfilling..??

Naxalities are trained in the gorilla war and C.R.P.F is not enough trained for this type of war and encounters..

Here a question arises that , why other states are not following the Chatissgarh?? which is very badly affected by the naxalitie’s..
The state has developed the a special task force for dealing  with the Naxalites..

It is need to understand that the repeatedly attacks of naxalitie’s on the security forces ,, it does not only damage the inner security scenario .. but it is also do weak the India’s image on the international level too..

There is an immediate need of preventing the attacks of Naxalist’s especially on the security forces… for this the central government and the naxal affected state government have to take the hard steps together..

To deal with Naxalism the security fronts have to be fixed and every political and social steps which are very important to be fixed it,, have to be taken very early and after taking those hard steps the government should not step back from their decision….

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